Association Agenda and Meeting Minutes 2018-2019- Next meting 5/21/19 at 6:30 P.M.


Next General Meeting is May 21, at 6:30 in the Library.  

April 2, 2019 

Roll Call-6:30 PM

1. Present: Lisa Phillips; Matt Wright; Paul Cassell; Damaris Mayorga; Roxanne Ramirez; Sylvia Lopez; Reina Mc Caughey; Natalia Garzo; Berenise Lopez; Juan Lopez; Natalia Garza; Linda Vasquez;

SYLVIA-minutes of 3/5/19 approved Sylvia motions Juan seconds All approved none opposed

Fund Raisers: $368 pizza and Dippin Dots –Direct appeal for costs of food at Spring Fair
Pizza party for see’s candy
Square charges different amount for each transaction hard to keep track; intuit accounting does it for you.

315 cash the rest credit card. Before fee-online store has same order process. Calvert Charter PTA emails
Need to use Calvert PTA
Budget can use cost for copy of flyers

Can advance $500 Juan motions, Betty seconds Pizza Advances $500 all in favor None opposed

Decorations, Food Advance for Spring Fair; $250 for games; $50 for wood; $500 in prizes; Lisa motions, Betty seconds all in favor; none opposed.

4/9/19; 4/10/19; 4/11/19 CPK Tarzana
Informed Designing Banner; Spirit Gear- Restocking; Open house and Spring Fair Square- ecommerce; charging one person and another different charges; Pay pal; or intuit need to see which is better.

Beautification- 4/27/19 Calvert Green ; Pre-set up $127 weed wacker
Guardian of Garden trimmed and clean up $30 for Rm 2 reimbursement to teacher PTA and Calvert Green- now school has 3 week wacker resources

Roxanne will not stay on as treasurer Paul not stay on as Ways and Means


Lisa will not stay on Parent Engagement
Damaris wants only intuit reader to be used not square creates a lot of problems Matt will research and get back to board

Damaris requested a vote to raise PTA Board Rules and By Laws to $1000 allocation 8 voted unanimously to raise it to $1000.00

Adjourned: 7:56 pm



March 19, 2019 

Roll Call-6:30 PM           

  1. Present: Lisa Phillips; Matt Wright; Paul Cassell; Damaris Mayorga; Roxanne Ramirez; Sylvia Lopez; Reina Mc Caughey; Natalia Garzo; Berenise Lopez; Juan Lopez; Natalia Garza; Linda Vasquez;                            

PTA Elections: Damaris requested if President wants second term – Matt said yes

Secretary-yes; Treasurer: no; Auditor: not present; VP Ways and Means-no; Beautification-yes; Parent Engagement- maybe; Communication-yes; Membership-yes

  1. Matt to contact Ms. Evans about school refurbishing; Sylvia to email PTA members with email from District

4/23/19 Nominate and elect PTA Board at meeting;

4thgraders need PTA to pay for 2ndBus to Getty- Sylvia moves to approve $450 as gift to 4thgraders Paul seconds-  Damaris adds that the parents will be notified to pay for second bus and PTA will pay the difference once the money has been collected.  All in favor yes; none opposed.  Reina and Juan abstained from voting.

Damaris-make a deposit for Pali for next year of $800 they will try to make money with Refreshments and baked goods at open house. 

2ndgraders need seeds, soil, pear pots $25-30 funds come out of Calvert Green Sylvia moves and Natalie seconds

Financial- CPK 4/9; 4/10/ 4/11 –  Pizza sales $384 BJ $158; Islands 5/15/19 ; Sees Candy – Open House Dog Haus can’t make it; Carnitas Mexicanos Victory/Reseda cash only.  4/12/19 Friday will do Spirit Gear; Food and Drinks 

Movie night 5/31/19 ; Spring Fair 5/4/19 

Calvert Green; Take out cactus by room 15; Allocate $150 to weed wacker; Cleto to take care of it.

Weed Wacker Juan moves $150 Sylvia seconds all if favor; none opposed

$30 – Room 2 Juan moved, Sylvia seconds, all in favor and none opposed

Pressure Wash ABCDEF- 4/27/19 Juan motions, Sylvia seconds, All in favor; none opposed

35 people took survey on allocation of funds; Spirit Gear will be available on mini cart Monday and Friday. 

Membership 198; membership and spirit gear will be there on open house and spring fair

Need volunteers in half hour slots

Adjourned 7:58pm

Sign in attached


March 5, 2019

Roll Call-6:30 PM
1. Present: Lisa Phillips; Matt Wright; Paul Cassell; Damaris Mayorga; Roxanne Ramirez; Sylvia Lopez; Reina Mc Caughey; Natalia Garzo; Amanda Evans; Ana Garay; Berenise Lopez; Juan Lopez; Natalia Garza; Linda Vasquez; PTA BOARD: Tali Lerea Valley West PTA Council President; Theresa Bidner 31st District PTSA Treasurer; Amber Ibanez; Valley West PTSA Council Secretary

I. Old Business- Minutes were approved ; Sylvia made a motion and Lisa seconded. All approved none opposed; cut down on pta association meetings Every other month;
i.e. Aug. Oct. Nov. Jan. Mar. May 9 voted for 6 meetings 2 abstained; 4 opposed;
the amount to raise amount from $500 to $1000 8 votes to change amount and 4 opposed. Membership raised to $15; 12 voted to raise the amount to $15.00. Board meeting is every month.

II. Savings has zero need to allocate all deposits
III. Spirit Gear Poster for Spirit Gear; $72 Banner Natalia motioned Paul Seconded Motion passes all approved. Banner for communication $36 Reina moved and Betty seconded all in favor none opposed
IV. Kite flying Calvert Beautification music garden in the back. Asphalt needs to be done all cracked. Need a new weed wacker $125 for Calvert Green.
V. See’s candy 3/13/19 Spring Fund raiser; BJ Brewery full bar; Sharkey’s $100
VI. Islands with include alcohol; Movie night 4/11/19? Spring Fair Early May Spirit Gear; dog haus; Everyone in favor all agreed. Book Fair School site
Adjourned 7:15pm

PTA 31st District: Talli Lerea; Theresa Bidner; Amber Ibanez: Treasurer said Reina McCaughey called special meeting to discuss Pali Camping trip Deposit needs to be paid for ahead of time $150 per student. Money needs to be allocated for 5th grade $4400 for deposit for Pali. Board Meeting; Direct appeal and 5th grade appeal Sponsor a child program;
PTA covers Garden Ranger; Computer wise (lausd this year); YPlay (lausd this year); Enriched LA science, garden program; $2000 for instrumental rentals; 5th Grade student body; PTA is there for student body and get fundraisers for all programs

Reina-The amount for 5th graders is not appropriate as PTA does not spend the same amount on other grades in the school. PTA discussed PALI and PALI was an Agenda item and PALI amount was approved by the full Board.

Budget can be changed for next year if all agree.

Campaign for Pali; it’s for the kids all the 5th graders. PTA funds programs for all kids. Lausd limited the PTA fund raisers this year, however, Pali needs to be covered as all voted on it.

Adjourned 8:35pm
Adjourned 8:00 pm
Sign in attached

February 5, 2019

Roll Call-6:38 PM
1. Present: Lisa Phillips; Matt Wright; Paul Cassell; Damaris Mayorga; Roxanne Ramirez; Sylvia Lopez; Reina Mc Caughy; Natalia Garzo; Amanda Evans; Ana Garay

II. Old Business- Minutes were approved with minor changes from last time /Sylvia made a motion and Natalia seconded.
III. Damaris- PTA revised bylaws they are in the system can’t get in will send copies to everyone to review and we can vote on changes. i.e. 1st and 3rd Tuesday for meetings, Calvert st. or Calvert Charter Calvert PTA; January Assoc. meeting will add back; December no quorum meeting every month; Board can approve $500 or lees do we want to raise amount to $1000? Ana voted not to vote on it and all agreed to wait. IRS is auditing 4 years of PTA need to get old records; 2013; 2014; 2015. Parliamentary Process cannot advertise at board meetings. Strictly business no parents can advertise their business.
$200 Pali money and snowball dance need to calculate; $1400 for graduation; $7800 Pali debit; $12000 for 45 students to attend Paolis fund raiser was for Pali; Damaris moved to get $50 for hats spirit gear Paul seconded all approved none opposed.

2/27/19 Sharkeys 11-9; 3/13/19 BJ Brewery; Sees candy fund raiser; 3/18/19; 13 reservations for Paint night; 50 cents or $1 candygrams 4th grade doing the work;
Facilities meeting on 2/20/19 at Taft High School
February 19, Reflections in VanNuys
Adjourned 8:00 pm
Sign in attached


January 29, 2019 

Roll Call-6:43PM

  1. Present:  Juan Lopez; Matt Wright; Paul Cassell; Roxanne Ramirez; Sylvia Lopez; Reina Mc Caughy; Natallia Garzo; Damaris Mayorga

           Minutes were approved from last meeting all in favor yes all opposed none.

Tomorrow the Stand 11-9 flyers were sent home; Damaris Poster machine for the fund raisers.

Paint night 2/13/19 with Sherri –child care PEAK 6:30 event starts at 7pm.  $45 and childcare $10-20.

Dipping Dots need to do those on regular basis when weather is nice.  Next Pizza bracelet for Friday Pizza.  Movie night in auditorium in March. 

Sharkeys on 3rdWednesday in February; Feb. 22ndfor movie night

Columbus and Justice Elementary charge $10 for 1strowe sitting in events for school.  We have silent auction and minimum fee chance drawing.


Damaris- Spring Fair after meeting

Sees Candies Easter Fund raisers; candygrams are for 5thgrade

Clean up and Calver green 2/9/19

March 28, 2019 open house. 

PTA funds music program $2400 for Ekulele.  One of the Calvert Student Jordan won 2ndplace in the district will be presented with award on 2/19/19 

Charter Committee meeting the teachers were complaining that orchestra is disruptive

Parliamentarium-  By-laws next meeting 

Treasurer’s Report:  PTA  ck for $20,748.10- 3 deposits $698.70;  Fall $1974.00-

Dog Haus $204.00 Deposits $2876.70 –Check ratify $75.00 $1125.00 and $1,180.80 for reimbursement. 

Garden Ranger Program; Calvert Green $3207.45 Ratify all checks as follows:

Check number 1565; 1556; 1557; 1569; 1570


Itsy Bitsy Café new opening. 

Sylvia made motion to approve $50 and Paul second for banner.  Natalia wanted $800 for spirit gear ; will revisit once people order the gear. Spring Fair Committee


Adjourned 7:40 pm

  • Sign in attached


November 27, 2018

I. Roll Call-6:50 PM
1. Present: Matt, Paul, Lisa, Ana, Damaris, Roxanne, Berenice, Absent : Sylvia
II. Old Business
1. Change date from 29, to 27 prior meeting minutes. Roxanne motioned to approve, Berenice second, motion passed
III. New Business- 2018 Planned Events
IV. Ways and Means-Paul
• On line order placed.
• Snowball committee had a good turn out.
• Ameci restaurant 12/12/18; Dipping Dots $382
• Art Fundraiser and tile projects
• Snowball DJ Zack
• Damaris- parent wants to buy decorations for SB dance $150
• Paul motioned to approve $150 Tracy second All in Favor none opposed.
Communications-Reina- Year book chair is needed.
Ana student council can take pictures
Need to be diligent and get pictures for YB and inform teachers via email
Juan- need class room committee to do YB
Juan will reinstall back pack hooks

Berenice-Pizza party for December
Paul- Dog Haus made $815 Calvert received $204
Reflections- Linda prizes will be awarded during SB
Natalie orders for spirit gear; $300 transfers; $500 per year
Ana asked about products
Natalie motioned for $985 to buy transfers; Tracy second all in favor none opposed
Roxanne-read and presented treasurer report
Paul motioned $50 for holiday concert fund; Tracy second, motion passed
Meeting adjourned: 7:55pm


October 2, 2018 

  1. Roll Call-6:41 PM
    1. Present: Lisa Phillips; Berenise Lopez; Juan Lopez; Natalia Garzo; Ana Garay; Matt Wright; Paul Cassell; Damaris Mayorga; Roxanne Ramirez; Linda Vasquez; Sylvia Lopez; Reina Mc Caughy


  1. Old Business- motions to approve minutes ofSeptember 4,2018 –Sylvia moved to approve Natalia.  Sylvia made motion to approve the Budget Lisa second the motion all approve yes.  All opposed zero


  • New Business- Damaris- New Bylaws and Charter for PTA needs to be changed Board Meetings $60 PTA -$75 Valley West Council; Annual fees changed from $10 to $25 ; Name change or stay the same Calvert Elementary or Calvert Enriched Charter; Nominate Committee 5 officers and 3 alternates; March election balltos; term begins on July 1stnew officers 1stVP Ways and Means Chairman 2ndVP Chairman of Membership; 2 signatures on all checks; Need to vote on changes for 2019 effective date; total for board members $135; Audit needs to be done in July and Report done in January, February and September; 2 copies of officers filed with President of Association.  Skip December meeting and make January required meeting; March annual election; 12 members minimum to construct a quorum.  Executive board 5 of the board are a quorum.


  1. Spirit Gear- 2 companies go with the old company vote was 6 in favor and 2 opposed to pay after people order the gear. Sylvia made motion to approve $50 for spirit gear samples and Paul Second motion. All approved zero opposed.


  1. 2018 Planned Events: Beatification Classroom #18, #19, #20, #21 Book hooks


  1. Calvert Green clean up and do hooks on October 13, 2018.


  • Ways and Means Good News first Dippin Dots 40% profit made $315 and $366; Movie Night mad $1588


  • Gift Wrap fundraisers $375-$400 ; Camp Pali $12000 spent; We recouped some of the money still need to count the rest of envelopes; CA Pita Oct. 10th; Nov. 14thDog Haus


  1. Ameci night—Need Square or Clover for credit card transactions Paul motions Juan Second all in favor yes all opposed zero


  1. Cleto needs to approve case with Plexi for PTA board


  1. Halloween Trunk or Treat 10-26-18 6:30-9pm Spooky House $3 admission sell Dippin Dots; hot dogs when they come out. Knights and Ladies will help set up Spooky House-Sylvia motions for the admission price Natalia seconds all in favor yes and all opposed none.    Communications-Reina 36 % effective


  • Direct appeal not great we need to dangle a carrot for parents to pay the fees.Volunteers need to sign up 2-3 weeks in advance


  • Need to submit all events 6 months ahead of time. Matt suggested submitting all events for entire year and get approval around 40 different submissions Reina made a motion Sylvia seconded All in favor yes all opposed none. 

Adjourned 8:19pm


  • Sign in attached
  • Quote comparison
  • Calvert Green Budget spent


August 7, 2018 


  1. Roll Call-6:30 PM
    1. Present: Lisa Phillips; Berenise Lopez; Juan Lopez; Amanda Evans; Natalia Garzo; Linda Vasquez; Ana Garay; Matt Wright; Paul Cassell; Damaris Mayorga; Roxanne Ramirez


  1. Old Business
    1. Review and approved Action Items and Minutes From June 2018
    2. Motion to Remove Linda Vasquez, Shar Huston; Reina McCaughey as signers on the check for Premiere America Credit Union NationalAccount – all approved
    3. Motion to add Paul Cassell; Roxanne Ramirez; Damaris Mayorga; Matt Wright as signers for year of 2018-2019- all approved


  • New Business- 2018 Planned Events
  • PLANNING- Meet and Greet with Canopies donuts and coffee Saturday August 11, 2018 9-11am: pass out 3X5 cards for parents names; address, email address to put on PTA address list.
  • INVENTORY: Need weed wacker for weeds; wheel barrow to tow trash into area, landscaping
  • Action Items: Need landscaping, every 2 weeks, weeds in garden bins, Spray PTA on garden trash bins, 
      • Action Item- School will pay for Y Play every Thursday
      • School will pay fororchestra:
      • Percussions for K; Dance for 1stgrade; ukulele for 2ndgrade; orchestra for 3rdthru 5thgrade
      • PTA needs to get funds for rental for instruments for financial scholarships for kids that can’t afford the instrument rental
      • School will pay for 3 days of computer instructions Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
      • Restaurant fund raisers will go forward;
      • PTA cannot do direct appeal with letters sent home LAUSD will not allow it; need to give flyers to parents at entrance or via email or via bulletin board at school; via pta facebook page
      • Need to do Banner with what PTA covers; Fund Raisers are limited b/c we need to pay part to LAUSD; need to pay for square footage of school used
      • PTA can seek help from neighborhood council-Woodland Hills city Council
      • Programs that need funding;
      • Camp Pali approx. $5000; Garden Ranger; Field Trips-$5300 per year; instrument scholarships $500 per child; Teacher Appreciation approx. $800; Classroom supplies approx. 2-3K; Join PTA; Ralph’s $400
    2. Communication: Parent Engagement; 1stday of School- Logo with Kawala
  1. Sylvan sent contract Partnership agreement; Peak coming on Saturday 8/7/18
  2. Membership drive- PTA Board
  3. Motion made for flyers Association approve $50.00- all agreed
  • Spirit Gear clothes from last year t-shirts; sweatshirts
  1. Adjourn at 8:20 p.m.